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Blended Whisky

Blended Whisky

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Johnnie Walker Green Label

Tasting Note : 
Nose:  There are notes of mocchaccino and espresso coffee, wood smoke  and a fireplace, a touch of bitter  chocolate and oak.
Palate: Medium-body with notes of crisp cereals, coffee beans and chocolate, a date note with a touch of walnut.
Finish: The finish is quite long and spicy with honeyed sweetness and oak.

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Naked Grouse Blended Malt

The Naked Grouse becomes a blended malt. ... Now the expression is being relaunched as a standalone brand made from a selection of malt whiskies but without any grain, offering a 'more robust' flavour than its blended predecessor.
Price £29.95
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Glen Scott Whisky

This Fine Scotch Whisky Has Been Distilled And Matured In Scotland Under Strict Rabbinical Supervision. After The Distillation Process It Has Been Patiently Aged In Specially Selected Oak Barrels Which Were Then Transported To A Kosher Independent Distillery For Bottling

Price £39.99

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