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1848 5th Generation Syrah

Deep purple wine with hints of violets, pepper, currants, coconut, vanilla and black currant. Full-bodied and complex, with a long and pleasant.

The vineyard:

Syrah source from Kfar Tavor in the Lower Galilee. A unique mosaic of basalt which are integrated parts of powdered limestone, good exposure to light, cool nights and mild crops allow the vine to express all the aromatic potential of the boat.

The winemaking:

grapes arrived to the winery in the early morning and coolness were transferred to what "Crusher" directly to stainless steel fermentation tanks cooled. After soaking happened three days of gentle extraction of flavors found in the skins of grapes, grape juice fermented at a temperature of 22-24 PWD to preserve the character of the boat. After the fermentation Hmlolktit wine aged in French oak for 14 months, after which the wine is unique, floral , concentrated and strokes.

Price £24.99

Hayotzer Genesis Shiraz

A dry red wine with plummy and spicy aromas. Soft and smooth on the palate with a long finish.

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Recanati Shiraz

Deep ruby red

A complex bouquet reveals layers of raspberry and plum intertwined with traces of black pepper, nutmeg and mocha

Full-bodied and rich, with robust flavor of ripe berries and spice against a background of smooth tannins.
Serving Suggestion :
Goes well with full-flavoured foods such as peppered grilled steak, roast goose or roasted rack of lamb.
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Shiloh Secret Reserve Shiraz

Secret Reserve Shiraz

From the heart of the historic wine region in the Land of Israel, Shiloh proudly presents a unique and superb Shiraz Secret Reserve made with the finest selection of our grapes. This Shiraz was aged for 18 months in French oak barrels, which shaped its unique character. With notes of plums on the nose, as well as a complex bouquet of coffee and vanilla. With its well integrated tannins, this multilayered wine can be enjoyed now and will be enhanced with further aging. To keep its outstanding quality and aromas, this wine is neither fined nor filtered

Price £38.49

Barnash Judean Hills Shiraz

This young Shiraz is a dark plum color, with berries, cloves and vanilla flavors on the nose.
A full bodied richness with adequate tannins on the aftertaste.
Aged for 9 month in French and american Oak, Enjoy this wine with grilled meat, hard cheeses and Mediterranean dishes.

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Tulip Syrah Reserve

The grapes were harvested in a selective and high quality vintage. 
The soaking was then cooled for 3 days
and then fermented at a temperature
of 23 ° -26 ° to extract the typical aromas of the boat strain.

The wine aged for 14 months in French oak barrels for gentle maturation and improvement.
Before bottling, the wine went through only crude filtration to preserve its flavors
Price £29.99

Recanati Reserve Syrah Viognier

Tasting Note :

Syrah and Viognier grapes grow side by side in our Manara vineyard in the upper Galilee, and are harvested together. 
The 3% Viognier grapes is then integrated into the Syrah during fermentation. 
Such blending of a small amount of white grapes into this red wine derives from an old method used in the Rhֳone Valley to refine the wine, enrich its flavors and add complexity to the aromas. 
This blend was aged in new French oak barrels for nine months and then coarsely filtered before bottling to conserve its natural essence, raw expression, and Mediterranean elegance.
Serving Suggestion :
Ideally suited to drinking with casseroles and tagine style dishes, it pairs well with meat in rich sauces, pungent cheeses and even with bitter chocolate. 
Price £29.99

Yarden Syrah

The Yarden Syrah shows off pleasing cherry and blackberry fruit characters along with notes of smoke, earth and exotic spices. This full-bodied yet elegant wine has a satisfying finish with lingering flavor.
While the Yarden Syrah is ready to drink now, the wine will continue to improve in the bottle and should remain in excellent drinking condition for a decade and beyond.

Wine & Food

Give the wine a try with rich meat dishes such as a marinated flank steak, braised beef short ribs, or herb-roasted lamb chops.
Price £27.99

Dalton Reserve Shiraz

Shiraz is showing a rich complex jammy fruit character harmoniously balanced by earthier notes of tobacco, leather and liquorice. It is a rich powerful wine with soft integrated tannins giving a spicy velvety feel and a long finish.

The Grapes for the Reserve Shiraz come from our vineyards throughout the Galilee As Shiraz is a very vigorous variety, much attention is paid to limiting and restricting the fruit yield in order to improve the concentration of flavour and quality of the wine.

Due to the proximity of the vineyards to the winery the grapes were transported to the winery in a matter of minutes after picking. Fermentation lasted 10 days during which time the cap was kept constantly soaked using a rack and return method in order to extract as much colour as possible. After fermentation the wine was transferred to new French oak barrels where I was allowed to mature for about 14 months. In some years we blend in a little bit of Viognier, this adds a velvety texture to the wine. Shiraz has a tendency to become a little stinky and barnyard like during its development, this was not discouraged.

Shiraz is showing a rich complex jammy fruit character harmoniously balanced by earthier notes of tobacco, leather and liquorice. It is a rich powerful wine with soft integrated tannins giving a spicy velvety feel and a long finish.

16-18° Celsius


Shiraz Du Monde 2012, Gold Medal

Price £27.99

Galil Mountain Syrah

The most Mediterranean of varieties, a smooth wine pleasing in colour and flavour.
Produced from Syrah grapes grown in the Upper Galilee.

Rich and flavourful, with characters of blackberry, cherry, mint and a hint of wet earth; medium-to-full bodied; long, pleasant finish.

Pleasing to drink now and under proper conditions, the wine will age well for 2-4 years from time of harvest.

Best served at 18°C.

Price £15.99

Gamla Nature Syrah Rose

The Gamla Nature Syrah Rosé presents an aromatic mix of strawberry, cherry, red apple, red grapefruit and watermelon fruit characters, along with rose petal highlights. A dry rosé, this attractive new wine is naturally refreshing and easy to enjoy.

Gamla Nature Syrah Rosé is ready to drink upon release, and best consumed within a few of years of vintage. A versatile companion to food, the wine goes wonderfully with assorted tapas, grilled fish and barbequed meats, as well as Indian and Korean dishes with a bit of spice to them.

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Lueria Shiraz

Made from 100% Shiraz grapes that grow on a unique soil that combines limestone, basalt with terra Rosa at a height of 850 meters (2790 Ft.), at the Upper Galilee. 

The wine has aged 16 months in French oak barrels. 

Tasting Notes:                  

Lueria Shiraz has a deep purple color, and the palate a rich taste of black fruit, blackberry, plums, and pepper with a long aftertaste.



Price £24.99

Galil Shiraz Cabernet 2009

Tasting Note :
Rich and flavorful, with characters of blackberry, cherry and a hint of wet earth; medium-to-full bodied; long, pleasant finish.
Serving Suggestion :
A wide assortment of foods from a good cheesy lasagna to a juicy burger or ribs in barbecue sauce.
Score :
88 - by Daniel Rogov
Price £22.99

Gamla Nature Syrah

The Wine

The 2014 Gamla Nature Syrah exhibits cherry, plum and black currant fruit notes, layered with characters of chocolate, spice, tobacco, smoke and French oak. Medium to full bodied, this Syrah is both luscious and drinkable.
Ready to drink now, the 2014 Gamla Nature Syrah should remain in good drinking condition for about five to seven years from harvest.

Wine & Food

Enjoy the wine with some grilled lamb chops, a rare roast beef, or a rich cassoulet.

The Vintage

2014 was our coolest and wettest vintage since 1997, with 130% average annual rainfall. The chilly spring prevented excess vine growth that could have resulted from the wet soils. Harvest began about two weeks late, with a cool October resulting in over 25% of our fruit still unharvested by the end of the month. After waiting out the rains of early November, we brought in the remainder of the fruit by mid-month, literally minutes before a six-day rain system hit. The season’s cool temperatures led to average yields and very nice quality wines.
The Gamla Nature Syrah is produced entirely from Syrah grapes grown in vineyards on the cool Golan Heights. The wine aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.
Price £17.50

Yarden Syrah 2005 Magnum

Tasting Note :
Full Bodied.
Spicy oak and generous soft tannins in fine balance with fruits.
Opens with raspberry, purple plum and current notes, those going on to show generous hints of black pepper, anise and wild berries, all coming to a long and generous chocolate and smoky finish.
Serving Suggestion :
Wild mushroom risotto, roasted pigeon with wine sauce
Score :
91 - by Daniel Rogov
Price £89.98

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