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Gamla Merlot

Medium to Full Bodied. Gently gripping tannins.
On the nose, black fruits and hints of vanilla. Opens in the glass to reveal wild berries, blackcurrants and notes of roasted herbs, all leading to a mouth-filling and lightly peppery finish.
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Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Note: The Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits black currant and cherry fruit notes rounded out by earth, spice and French oak characters. This flavorful yet drinkable Cabernet presents good body and a satisfying finish. 
While ready to drink now, Gamla Cabernet will age nicely in the bottle for some six to eight years from vintage. Enjoy this Cab with barbequed beef ribs, grilled free-range veal chops, or pasta in a rich mushroom sauce.

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Gamla Brut

Gamla Nature Brut non-vintage sparkling wine displays bright lemon and lime citrus characters, alongside hints of apricot, green apple and fresh flowers, all rounded out by subtle notes of strawberry and toast. This immensely drinkable sparkling wine is crisp and refreshing.
Ready to drink now, we recommend enjoying Gamla Nature Brut within five years of release. With its natural acidity, the wine is a wonderful way to start a festive meal. Try Gamla Nature Brut with rich or salty foods such as canapés of smoked salmon topped with caviar, or delectable desserts such as strawberry soufflé with sliced strawberries.

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Gamla Merlot - 375 ml

Tasting Note : Medium to Full Bodied. Gently gripping tannins.
On the nose, black fruits and hints of vanilla. Opens in the glass to reveal wild berries, blackcurrants and notes of roasted herbs, all leading to a mouth-filling and lightly peppery finish.
Price £8.99
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Gamla Nature Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot

Tasting Note: The Gamla Nature Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot displays attractive cherry, orange zest and berry notes, backed by hints of fresh herbs. Equally comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this complex wine presents medium to heavy body together with satisfying flavor.

Though ready to drink now, Gamla Nature Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot should improve in the bottle and age gracefully for over five years from vintage. The wine goes wonderfully with lamb chops, a great burger, or crispy thin-crust pizza.

Price £19.99

Gamla Nature Tempranillo

Tasting Note: The Gamla Nature Tempranillo presents raspberry and sour cherry fruit notes along with characters of spice and potpourri. Medium-bodied with a bit of structure, this wine is interesting and attractive.

Gamla Nature Tempranillo is ready to drink now, and should remain in great drinking condition for some seven years or more from vintage. Wonderful with a wide variety of dishes, the wine is a perfect partner to an herb-crusted tenderloin, porcini mushroom risotto, or a selection of tapas. 

Price £19.99

Gamla Sangiovese

Regular price £18.99 -£3.00 Price £15.99
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Gamla Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Note: The Gamla Sauvignon Blanc exhibits aromatic guava, melon, lime, gooseberry and green apple fruit notes, along with hints of fresh flowers. Medium to light bodied, this wine is crisp and lively. 

Gamla Sauvignon Blanc is ready to enjoy now, and best consumed within a couple of years of harvest. The wine goes wonderfully with roasted chicken, grilled sea bass with an herbed butter blend, or an asparagus and goat cheese quiche.

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Gamla Nature Syrah Rose

The Gamla Nature Syrah Rosé presents an aromatic mix of strawberry, cherry, red apple, red grapefruit and watermelon fruit characters, along with rose petal highlights. A dry rosé, this attractive new wine is naturally refreshing and easy to enjoy.

Gamla Nature Syrah Rosé is ready to drink upon release, and best consumed within a few of years of vintage. A versatile companion to food, the wine goes wonderfully with assorted tapas, grilled fish and barbequed meats, as well as Indian and Korean dishes with a bit of spice to them.

Regular price £17.50 -£2.50 Price £15.00
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Gamla Chardonnay

Golan Height Gamla Chardonnay

Tasting Note: Lemon, pear and banana fruit notes
balanced with attractive oak and vanilla; mediumbodied
with a refreshing finish.
Serving Suggestions: With fish ranging from spicy
ceviche to cold poached salmon or grilled, fresh
sardines. Also with cheese and egg-based dishes.
Serving Temperature: 10-14°C/about 55°F.

Price £17.50
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Gamla White Riesling

Tasting Note:The Gamla White Riesling presents appealing floral, citrus, spice and melon notes with subtle pine and lime peel characters. With a hint of residual sweetness, this medium-bodied wine is fresh and drinkable.

Gamla White Riesling is best consumed within a couple of years of vintage. Great to enjoy alone as an aperitif, the wine also goes wonderfully with a plate of sushi, Thai chicken satay, or a selection of cured meats.
Price £15.50
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Gamla Nature Syrah

The Wine

The 2014 Gamla Nature Syrah exhibits cherry, plum and black currant fruit notes, layered with characters of chocolate, spice, tobacco, smoke and French oak. Medium to full bodied, this Syrah is both luscious and drinkable.
Ready to drink now, the 2014 Gamla Nature Syrah should remain in good drinking condition for about five to seven years from harvest.

Wine & Food

Enjoy the wine with some grilled lamb chops, a rare roast beef, or a rich cassoulet.

The Vintage

2014 was our coolest and wettest vintage since 1997, with 130% average annual rainfall. The chilly spring prevented excess vine growth that could have resulted from the wet soils. Harvest began about two weeks late, with a cool October resulting in over 25% of our fruit still unharvested by the end of the month. After waiting out the rains of early November, we brought in the remainder of the fruit by mid-month, literally minutes before a six-day rain system hit. The season’s cool temperatures led to average yields and very nice quality wines.
The Gamla Nature Syrah is produced entirely from Syrah grapes grown in vineyards on the cool Golan Heights. The wine aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.
Price £17.50

Gamla Pinot Noir

Tasting Note: The 2012 Gamla Pinot Noir shows off attractive characters of ripe strawberries, fresh raspberries, red apples and sour cherries, rounded out by notes of flowers and spice. Light- to medium-bodied, this Pinot Noir is complex and refined.

Ready to drink now, the 2012 Gamla Pinot Noir will remain in great drinking condition for about four years from vintage. Give the wine a go with pan-seared tuna filets, a rich mushroom risotto, or a steaming plate of beef bourguignon.

Price £18.99

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