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Or Haganuz Har Sinai

This dessert wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from the winery's vineyards, which reached optimal ripening. It was immediately frozen at the winery in a controlled environment for 3 days. After extraction, the grape juice was warmed over natural olive-wood fire and barrel aged outdoors in French oak for 12 months.

Tasting Note :
The wine is a blend of 80% cabernet sauvignon and 20% merlot ripened grapes. 
Wine has a deep red burgundy color. It has an aroma of raisins, cherries, plums, coffee grains, toasted oak wood and bitter sweet chocolate. The taste is full bodied with a soft complex & an impressive long pleasant finish.
Serving Suggestion :
Grilled meat or ripe cheeses such as cheddar.
Price £36.99

Or Haganuz Elima

Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc

No Added Sulfites

Tasting Note :
this wine underwent a long extraction of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grape skins from mature plots of Mount Meron vineyards, a slow cold fermentation and ageing in French oak barrels.
Serving Suggestion :
Grilled meat or ripe cheeses such as cheddar.
Price £27.99

Or Haganuz Amuka Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Note :

This wine was produced from Upper Galilee  Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the Marus plot of the Amuka vineyard. the plot is 25000 sqm large, at 790 meters above sea level. the soil is mostly light basalt. the plot sits on a south-facing slope with a very moderate incline.
Serving Suggestion :
Grilled meat or ripe cheeses such as cheddar.
Price £17.99

Or Haganuz Har Meron Semi Sweet

Or haganuz winery was founded in 2005 in the Or Haganuz settlement at the foot of Mount Meron. Our vineyards enjoy the unique climate of the upper galilee mountains at the height of 780-870 meters above sea level. This wine is a blend of 80% Cabernet, and 20% Merlot. and is distinquished with a deep red Bordeaux color and an aroma of shrivelled grapes, dried cherries and prunes, toasted oak wood and chocolate. This wine has a full, soft complex and impressive taste.

Price £21.99
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Or Haganuz Horkenus 2010

Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Cabernet Franc 20%, Merlot 18%, Petit Verdot 12%

a unique blend of Upper Galilee & Mount Meron terroir and distinguished vineyards rich with history. grapes were manually and selectively harvested at dawn, from carefully selected plots on the northern slopes of the mountain, which enjoy an ideal climate for frowing high qality, noble grape varieties. dedicated cre and personal attention to the vines yieldedperfect grape clusters, which underwent meticulous sorting upon reachingthe adjacent winery and controlled, supervised fermentation. this precision led to superb extraction, which was aged in fine french oak barrels. the result is in your hands: a vintage boutique wine, with a distinct identity that truly reflects its native landscape.

Price £89.98

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