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Shiloh Privilege

Cabernet Sauvignon 45% - Syrah 36% - Grenache 10% - Cabernet Franc %

Shiloh Winery is pleased to present PRIVILEGE, an elegantly balanced and complex blend. an opportunity to enjoy a very special and smooth wine made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Franc grapes. The maturity provided by aging the wine during 13 months in French oak barrels, allowd to appreciate its great quality and value the distinctive flavors of ripe fruits that resemble the uniqueness of the land of Israel. PRIVILEGE honors quality as it's made professionally with uncompromising quality.

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Shiloh Shor Cabernet Sauvignon 2016...

100% Cabernet sauvignon

Aged for 14 months in French Barrels.

Ready to drink now, but can also suitable for aging. 

Regular price £29.99 -£8.00 Price £21.99
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Shiloh Shor Merlot (Mevushal)

100% Merlot 

Aged for 14 months in French Barrels.

Ready to drink now, but can also suitable for aging. 

Regular price £29.99 -£8.00 Price £21.99
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Shiloh Legend (MEVUSHAL)

This wine is a blend of Petit Syrah 40% Petit Verdot 31% Shiraz 29%. Once blended, the blend was then further aged for an additional 15 months in French Oak Barrels. Deep red, dark and opaque colour, black fruit aromas and a complex bouquet of cocoa, leather and mint with soft tones of spices. Its body is full, and its finish balanced and prolonged. Aging will further enhance its quality.

Regular price £34.99 -£5.00 Price £29.99
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Shiloh Mosaic 2014 (Mevushal)

Shiloh’s flagship wine. Non filtered, 47% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc, 19% Cabernet sauvignon, 16% Petit Verdot.

Aged for 20 months in French Barrels.

Regular price £49.99 -£5.00 Price £44.99
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Shiloh Secret Reserve Shiraz

Secret Reserve Shiraz

From the heart of the historic wine region in the Land of Israel, Shiloh proudly presents a unique and superb Shiraz Secret Reserve made with the finest selection of our grapes. This Shiraz was aged for 18 months in French oak barrels, which shaped its unique character. With notes of plums on the nose, as well as a complex bouquet of coffee and vanilla. With its well integrated tannins, this multilayered wine can be enjoyed now and will be enhanced with further aging. To keep its outstanding quality and aromas, this wine is neither fined nor filtered

Price £38.49

Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabarnet Franc

Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Franc is produced with grape clusters that are hand-picked and carefully selected before dawn from the best vineyards in the Holy Land, and then aged in new French oak barrels for 18 months. Only the best of these barrels are chosen for bottling. Dark garnet in color, with complex, velvety fruit aromas as well as intense, smooth flavors. This beautifully balanced wine is made for those seeking excellence. Due to its distinctiveness, aging will further enhance its taste. To keep its outstanding quality, this wine is not filtered.
Price £38.49

Shiloh Secret Reserve Merlot

Full Bodied.

Gripping tannins and ample spicy oak, those parting slowly in the glass to reveal blackberry and wild berry fruits.
In the background, playing nively on the palate, notes of earthy minerals, bittersweet chocolate and roasted herbs.
Serving Suggestion :
To be paired with any full-flavoured meat dish such as smoky lamb short ribs or braised lamb shanks.
The wine also goes wonderfully with a hot serving of rich cassoulet on a cold night.
Score :
89 - by Daniel Rogov

Price £38.49

Shiloh Mosaic Exclusive Edition 2016


A special edition released only in the best and most special vintages  
We are honored and thankful to present Shiloh Mosaic Exclusive Edition. This unique and extraordinary wine expresses our commitment to consistency and improved quality throughout the years. It symbolizes our gratitude to God, as all can see, feel and actually drink the blessings of working the land of Israel with our hands. For in the heritage of Joseph land the Torah says: "Blessed by the Almighty is his (Yosef) land with the heavenly bounty of dew and with the deep waters crouching below..." In fact, no other tribal territory was as good and fertile as Joseph's... His portion is cooler and their fruits are sweeter... (Rashi, on Deuteronomy 33:13).

Deep purple in color, Shiloh Mosaic Exclusive Edition showcases aromas of black cherry and mocha. It is a bit jammy at first sip, yet firm tannins fill the mouth, leading to flavors of raspberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, lavender, as well as anise, followed by a long and floral finish.

Price £78.99
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Shiloh Secret Reserve Merlot 2009

Shiloh's Secret Reserve Merlot might be mistaken for one of the legendary wines of Pomerol, but on closer consideration is a spectacular representation of Judean Hills terroir. Mellow yet intense, it pours a deep red color with aromas of ripe raspberry, spicy redcurrant and Dutch cocoa. Over a mouthfilling texture and voluptuous tannins, intense cherry flavors lead into a long finish with rich butterscotch and vanilla from 20 months' aging in French oak barrels. Pairs well with chicken and gnocchi.
Part of the Carnivores Choiceand Pair it with Pasta Collections.

Price £52.99

Shiloh Mosaic Exclusive Edition 2013

Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon,  and  Syrah.

Each varietal has been aged for 12 months in French oak barrels separately, and an additional six months after producing the blend. The wine has an opaque and dark purple color.
It has a black fruit aroma, with a bouquet of cacao, coffee and vanilla and a very soft tones of spices in the background.
The palate echoes scents of black fruit,prunes and cherry and the balanced acidity leaves a refreshing sensation.It's body is full and opulent with a finish that is balanced and prolonged.
It pairs best with red meat and meat stews. Aging for a few years will further enhance this quality wine.

Price £99.99
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