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Israeli wine is produced in five regions:



Galilee (which includes the sub-regions of the Golan Heights, Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee);



the Judean Hills, surrounding the city of Jerusalem;



the Samson region, located between the Judean Hills and the Coastal Plain;


the Negev desert region;


and the Shomron region, which includes the Sharon plain located near the Mediterranean coast and just south of Haifa.



As of 2012, Israel has 50,000 dunams of vineyards. More than 80% of the vineyards planted in Israel are located in the Shomron, Samson and Galilee regions.

The Golan contains some of the highest elevated vineyards in Israeli-controlled territory, with vineyard planted upwards of 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) from the Sea of Galilee towards Mount Hermon.

There are seven Israeli wineries in the Golan Heights that cultivate a total of 1,600 acres (647 ha). These include four boutiques, and Chateau Golan, Bazelet Hagolan, and the Golan Heights Winery whose Yarden, Gamla, and Golan labels enjoy international renown.

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