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The Israeli wine industry produces primarily French grape varieties imported during the late 19th century.

The most widely planted varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon,ChardonnayMerlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

Emerging varieties that have recently been increasing in popularity include Cabernet FrancGewurztraminerMuscat CanelliRiesling and Syrah. Other varieties planted to some significant degree include Emerald RieslingMuscat of Alexandria and the crossing Argaman.

A primary concern in Israeli wine production is maintaining acid levels to balance the naturally high sugars that the warm climate of the region produces. Vineyards at higher elevations, as opposed to the lower coastal plains, have more consistently produced wines with the necessary acid balance. Cabernet Sauvignon has shown the greatest aging potential thus far. The smooth texture and ripe tannins of Israeli Merlot has increased that wine's popularity in the market. Chardonnay grown in Israel has shown itself to be highly reflective of terroir and reflective of the particular characteristics of vineyard soils. It is also the primary grape used in Israeli sparkling wine production made according to the methode champenoise.

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